Free Crochet Pattern: Hairpin Lace Crochet Hairband/Headband

Calypso Hairpin Lace Hairband/Headband


crochet hairband

This is a free Pattern for a Hairpin Lace Crochet Hairband/Headband.


Yarn 1 skein Drops Muskat, #03 Mint, 100%  mercerized cotton 50g – 109yards/100m

Hook 4 mm

Hairpin Lace Loom

Tapestry needle

Technique  Hairpin Lace and crochet

Finished size 34cm/13½ inches long without braided ends. 3½cm/1½ inch width


For a tutorial on the technique see my hairpin lace tutorial.

Put the two prongs on your haipin lace loom 4cm/1½ inch apart.

Work 68 loops on each side. Each side of the hairband is crocheted this way: *Pick up 4 loops keeping the twist in them and work 8 single crochets in the center space of the group of these 4 loops*. When you have made the first 4 single crochets pull the yarn, so the 4 single crochets are placed at the very right side of your work. Then you have enough space to add the last 4 single crochets and the work will look neat and even.
Repeat between ** 16 more times. See chart below.

hairpin lace hairband headband chart

Stitch Guide:

Darn in the beginning and ending thread of the hairband.

Cut 6 80cm/12 inches strands of yarn. Pull 3 strands through each end of the hairband, so the strands are equally long. Braid the strips together, so you can tie the headband.

Make a knot at the end of the braided strips.

Note: This pattern is written with US crochet terms.

If you are not familiar with these, see my conversion chart Crochet Terms in US, UK, German and Danish.


Copyright  2011 Birgit Tüchsen. All rights reserved. This pattern is intended for personal use only. Photocopying or reproduction of this pattern is not allowed in any form including electronic. It is not allowed to sell this pattern. It is also not allowed to sell items made from this pattern. All text, images, graphics and other materials on this website are subject to the copyright and intellectual property rights of the owner.

27 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern: Hairpin Lace Crochet Hairband/Headband

  1. I just love the beautiful crochet work at the top of you page, with the crochet hook in it. Is this
    one of your patterns? How would I be able to obtain it. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I’m sorry but I’m getting a little confused on how I’m supposed to grab the four loops once I finish making the 68 loops, do I leave the 4 loops on the loom, or do I take it all off and work it that way? And do I just go through the middle of all 4 loops? Sorry I’m just starting doing hairpin lace and the patterns still kind of confuse me

    • Hi Maria,
      You work the loops on the loom and then you put a safety line through both sides. That way your loops don’t get tangled up when you work with them later. The safety line is visible on the photo in my hairpin lace tutorial.
      Yes, you work through the 4 loops and crochet stitches in the half ring that is formed by grabbing the loops.
      Good luck with it:-)

  3. The hair ban is so lovely,please I need complete pictures of the tutorial as a beginner. I would like to make it for my little daughter.thanks

    • Hi Rita,
      I didn’t make a photo tutorial for this pattern. You can watch videos on Youtube and look at my tutorial for the hairpin lace technique. It is very simple and not very complicated. Good luck:-)

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  6. I have been wanting to do hairpin lace for a long time, but until now I haven’t found a pattern that I felt worth going out to get a hairpin lace loom for. Thanks. I am sure this will inspire many other ideas for me too. I will send a picture as soon as I have one. This is so beautiful.

  7. This is beautiful.This is my first hairpin lace project. I’ve got the hairpin lace part done, but I can’t get the crochet part for the outside to work. Do you use a separate yarn?

    • Hi Amanda,
      No, I don’t use a separate yarn. The same yarn is used for the ‘backbone’ of the hairband and for crocheting the loops together. I did it this way: Pull 4 loops together and start working single crochets into all 4 loops. It is hard to show this in a crochet chart, but when you grab those 4 loops the yarn will somewhat twist around itself and the first loops will seem somewhat crooked. When you have made the first 4 single crochets pull the yarn, so the 4 single crochets are placed at the very right side of your work. Then you have enough space to add the last 4 single crochets and the work will look neat and even.
      Hope this helps:-)

    • Hi Moira,
      You are welcome to show the hairband on your blog!
      Interesting to read about plarn at your site. – I had never heard about this before.

  8. This is gorgeous! I am going to learn how to make Hairpin lace just so I can make it. It is awesome that it looks like a variation of broomstick lace is also used! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

    • Hi Laura,

      It is very easy to crochet this hairband. I learned the technique by looking at a video on Youtube. It is the very first thing I made with hairpin lace, – it was kindoff a coincidence, that it turned out as a hairband. You are right: The twisting of the yarn makes it look like broomstick crochet.

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